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optical components
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optical coatings and interference filters

Optical components

FOCUS Inc. is primarily active in the production of precision optical components of any type. Optical components made by FOCUS Inc. meet the following specifications:

·       spherical lenses (planoconvex, planoconcave, biconvex, biconcave, positive and negative meniscus)

·       spherical achromatic lenses - double or triple cemented lenses (planoconvex, planoconcave, biconvex, biconcave, positive and negative meniscus)

·       ball lenses

·       cylindrical lenses

·       optical flats, plan-parallel plates and high precision interferometric plates

·       optical windows

·       precision prisms of various types (rectangular, Dove, unilateral, Littrow etc.) and diffraction gratings substrates

·       colour filters, neutral density filters, interference filters

·       mirrors (plane, spherical concave, spherical convex, cylindrical concave, cylindrical convex etc.)

·       highly reflective (HR), antirefection (AR), dichroic, beamsplitter coatings

·       custom-designed optical components

·       laser-optical components: high-energy laser mirrors, high energy output couplers, high-energy beamsplitters etc.

·       optical components made from certain types of crystals

We process the following optical materials:

·       Optical glasses (Russian-made, Schott, Ohara, Corning, Sumita. Hoya)

·       Sitall (Russian equivalent of Zerodur)

·       Silicon (Si)

·       CaF2

·       BaF2

·       MgF2

·       Fused silica (VIS, IR, UV)

·       GGG

·       Phosphate glasses for laser active elements

·       Laser garnets

·       Alexandrite

·       Crystalline quartz

·       GaAs

·       Colour filter glasses (Russian, Ukrainian, Schott)

Optical components made by FOCUS Inc. meet the following specifications:

·       Linear dimensions, mm

from 1 to 600

·       Linear dimension tolerance, mm

to 0.001

·       Surface quality (scratch/digs ratio)

to 10/5

·       Flatness and sphericity (power and irregulation), rings

to 0.05

·       Centration or parallelity, arcsec

to 1

 Click on the list below for typical optical components we manufactured in the 10 years of our operations. These datasheets specify typical components only, if required we can manufacture optical components with even more precise tolerances and more advanced optical performance.

·       Optical flats and interferometric plates

·       Prisms

·       Spherical Lenses

·       Spherical Lens Achromats

·       Mirror Substrates

·       Colour Filters


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